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Ever since I was a very small child I was mesmerized, captivated and entralled by heroes, heroines, and heroic deeds of all shapes and sizes. I never really cared much who or what was involved, I took these tales wherever I could find them and gave them my heart. Men, women, elves, hobbits, dwarves, fairies, mutants, ghosts, earthlings, aliens, and even a monterous beast or two are all represented among my favorites. If I were forced to choose though, I would have to admit that the quiet heroes do hold a very special place in my heart, the ordinary beings living quiet little lives that sometimes show the greatest courage of all simply by doing whatever needs to be done each day to keep their little corner of the world running smoothly.

...And so I present to you, some of my very most favorite tales of great deeds and heroes and heroines and magic and myths and mysteries from out of the mysts of time.

The oldest and most famous heroic tale of them all.

22 Goblins
A series of Arabian Knights style puzzle tales with a twist.

Ancient Greek Mythology
Perseus, Jason & The Argonauts, Theseus

Christmas Tales For Children
A charming and nostalgic collection of early 19th century Christmas Tales featuring some familiar characters and settings, and some less familiar yet no less touching to the heart.

StoryTime Theater
Two versions of a story I wrote more than 30 years ago about a treasure stealing dragon and two very different women who taught him a lesson by making him see that doing the right thing for the right reasons was in his own best interest afterall.

Fairytales Are Fun
Old standards & universally beloved favorite fairytales from your childhood and mine.

The Conscience of A Queen
A strangely moral tale of a woman who questioned life and fate with the words, "For what else is an unloved and unloving wife but...?"

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